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The Word
December 13, 2009: The X-Mass Story

Matthew 2 : 7 - 12
Luke 2 : 7 - 38
Micah 5 : 2
Isaiah 60 : 6
Psalms 72 : 10 - 11
Genesis 25 : 1 - 3
Genesis 10 : 7


  1. Jesus Christ was not born in the month of December
  2. Without the birth of Jesus Christ there is no salvation
  3. The shepherds were the first ones to preach the good news of the Messiah being born
  4. The Savior had no name for 7 days. He was named on the 8th day
  5. Simeon (a black man) dedicated Christ representing his salvation of the Gentiles
  6. Anna dedicated Christ representing his salvation of the Jews
  7. GOD controls the universe, so he is more than able to take care of you
  8. GOD can supply all of your needs
  9. The 12 signs represent the Gospel (to be explained in more detail at a later date)
  10. The wise men brought gifts to a 2 year old Christ, not a baby, as depicted in the manger scene
  11. Jesus while on the earth was wealthy
  12. It's better to give than to receive
  13. Keep giving if you are in a financial rut
  14. The will of the Father cannot be changed
  15. If what you are giving isn't worth anything, then it's not worth giving
  16. The wise men were black kings who came to see the King of Kings
  17. Black people were present from the birth of Christ until this death
  18. At the age of 12 (13) Christ became knowledgeable enough to recognize his purpose
  19. We need to find our purpose in life at an early age to ensure that we fulfill that purpose
  20. At the age of 30 Jesus left home and went about doing GOD's work.