Holy Light Church of Jesus Christ
133 East Union Street, Burlington NJ 08016
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The Word
November 29, 2009: If Jesus Came To Your House
(Sermon by Evangelist Deborah Hyde)


Matthew 1 : 21
Isaiah 9 : 6 - 7
John 1 : 1 - 4 , 14
John 6 : 35
John 9 : 5
John 14 : 6
John 3 : 16
Luke 10 : 38 - 42
Luke 19 : 1 - 10
Luke 8 : 41 - 42 , 49 - 56
Luke 5 : 17 - 39


  1. We take Jesus for granted because He is not here in the flesh
  2. Jesus is a life changer; He changes everything
  3. If you truly had an encounter with Jesus there should be a change in you
  4. When Jesus is in you it is easy to love
  5. Old habits and old ways should die if Jesus is in you
  6. Jesus Christ gave us life and life more abundantly
  7. He gave us peace, joy and the victory to live life on this earth
  8. We are all here for a reason and a purpose
  9. We all need to do more for Him
  10. Jesus is the one that can sustain and satisfy us
  11. Jesus is the light that brightens us
  12. If Jesus lives in us our light should shine for all to see
  13. You cannot get salvation by any other means than by accepting Jesus as your Lord and Savior
  14. When you accept Christ as your personal Savior He brought life and light
  15. Don't ever get too busy that you can't spend time with Jesus
  16. Don't lose your connection with the Lord
  17. If you let Jesus into your house and life things will never be the same
  18. We should show everyday that Jesus is living in us
  19. Take pride in your appearance and offer no distractions to what you have to say
  20. The word of GOD should be what we constantly seek and yearn for
  21. Your lifestyle should reflect the fact that Jesus is in your life
  22. Don't block your fellowship with GOD by being judgemental and critical of others
  23. We need to pray for one another
  24. Don't feed your spirit with negativity and that not of Christ
  25. Live for Jesus today, not tomorrow; No man knows when his time will end
  26. We should be living for Christ eternally
  27. We all need to be better people in Christ
  28. Repent to the Lord and ask Him to work on all the areas of your life you require his assistance in