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The Word
November 21, 2010: Maintain the Queendom

Judges 4 : 1 – 10
Judges 4 : 14 – 21
Judges 5
Hebrews 11
2 Kings 4


* The queendom is a territory or state that is ruled by a queen
* It takes two to run a kingdom
* What is your position in the family?
* We are queens with a rightful place in the kingdom
* Don’t lower your standards just to feel like you are in a kingdom
* Wait on the Lord to provide you with what HE desires for you in a mate
* Be not unequally yoked
* A kingdom that is divided against itself cannot stand
* Don’t get away from what real living is meant to be
* Your calling from God should be greater than the calling from your husband or wife
* You need someone who will respect your queendom
* Be careful what partners you choose to help fight this battle
* Fight for the queendom so that the kingdom can stay intact
* If you don’t stand up for something you fall for everything
* Women, if you use your power/gift of persuasion correctly, there is nothing a man will not do for you
* “Husbands dwell with your wife according to knowledge”
* You need to know who you are so that no one can redefine you