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The Word
November 15, 2009: WOMEN'S DAY 2009
(Sermon by Pastor Sharon Lester)

John 11 : 4-7
John 11 : 33 - 34
John 11 : 39
John 11 : 41 - 45
John 12 : 9 - 11
John 12 : 17 - 19


  • God gives you the promise that you will live through your hard times
  • Sometimes God has to do something so big that everyone knows that it is only by the
grace and magnificence of God that it can be done
  • We need to give God glory for the things that his Son have done
  • God will come to your rescue in your times of trouble
  • Jesus is your deliverer
  • God is in control in all your situations
  • Be careful of those that are around your and be wary of the things that they say
  • When you know who your are and whose your are you know that the will of God will be done
  • Be careful of who is speaking to you
  • Don't let people speak death into your life
  • When you are in trouble you need people who will speak life into your situation
and will pray for God to work things out
  • Don't limit the power and abilities of God; God has no boundaries
  • Death is not the final victor
  • God is the resurrection of life
  • If you believe in the power of God then He can bring your through any situation and make your better
  • Because of the Blood of Jesus the grave no longer has the victory
  • In the middle of your situation God is getting ready to show up
  • The people around you should uplift you and minister to your spirit
  • In order for their to be progress we need to be working towards the same thing
  • If you believe your will see God's glory
  • We need to solidify our relationship with God
  • We need to connect with the heavens to bring down the blessings
  • Thanks to Jesus' sacrifice we now have a right to life