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The Word
November 14, 2010 - I Am Fully Persuaded (HLCJC WOMEN'S DAY!!)
(Sermon by Evangelist Geneva Lawson)

2 Corinthians 4 : 18
2 Corinthians 5 : 7
Romans 8 : 24
Hebrews 11: 1, 3, 6
Revelations 12 : 12
1 Thessalonians 2 : 18
Psalms 105 : 19


* The joy of the Lord is your strength
* By faith we have come this far
* You need to celebrate where you are in life daily
* You need to believe in how the spirit of God moves
* You need to know who you are and whose you are
* You must be a light shining in the midst of your darkness
* You need to live by the word and let your life line up with the word
* Ladies, wait on God for your mate
* You need to be grounded and rooted in the word of God
* Never fear your adversaries
* God’s righteous have always suffered many afflictions
* Worship Him in the spirit and the truth
* Desire the things of God and He will give you all that He wants for you
* Know YOUR identity!
* Don’t judge your own faith, believe in it
* All things work together for the good of the Lord
* God can do anything and everything, the only thing He cannot do is fail
* God always keeps his word and his promise
* Hold on and trust in the Lord, don’t give up
* Fight the good fight of faith