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The Word

November 13 2011 - Is Christ In You?
(Sermon by First Lady Lydia Cruz)


1 Samuel 1 : 9 – 11, 19
1 Samuel 3
Malachi 3 : 16 – 17
Hebrews 11 : 6
1 Samuel 2 : 21


* True worship is a lifestyle
* God is searching for people who seek him with their whole heart
* God has empowered us to build up his kingdom and destroy the enemy
* Are you willing to sacrifice for His glory?
* You are not forgotten; your answer will come
* We are sons and daughters of the living God
* The enemy will constantly try to remind you of what you are lacking
* Satan’s purpose is to frustrate you while you wait on God
* Don’t doubt the voice of God
* There are some situations that only God himself can fix
* We need people around us who will build us up and encourage us
* You need to connect with Godly people whose faith is aligned with yours
* One of the reasons we are frustrated in our prayer life is because we are not consistent in our prayer life
* Stop presenting God with your situations when it’s already out of control
* We should pray every day for an answer, and when we get the answer we should continue to pray
* You need to align yourself, your wants, and your desires with the will of God
* Those who fear the Lord speak to one another
* It is important for us to wait on God’s timing
* If you are faithful God will release His blessings and promises for you at the RIGHT TIME
* For some we, as Christians, are the only form of God people will ever see, so we should always REPRESENT Him
* Without faith it is impossible to please God
* When you are waiting for your prayers to answered you should praise the Lord for what he is about to do