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The Word
October 11, 2009: It's A Relationship Not A Religion

Hebrews 7 : 11 - 26
Hebrews 8 : 6 – 13
Romans 14 : 5

The Eight Covenants
Edenic Covenant
Adamic Covenant
Noahic Covenant
Abrahamic Covenant
Mosaic Covenant
Palestinian Covenant
Davidic Covenant
New Covenant


  1. True Christians deal with things by the word
  2. When you have a relationship with God he is always with you
  3. Glorify him in tribulation and tribulation will bring patience
  4. God will surface through you when you are in tribulation
  5. Pray always
  6. God wants to have a relationship with you
  7. Religious means you love God your way
  8. You cannot be judged by the law because the law is for carnal people and we are spiritual
  9. God doesn’t have rules for his people. He simply wants you to repent for your sins and be obedient to his word
  10. You are only judged by you love of the Lord
  11. Religion doesn’t deal with your sins; it deals with your level of righteousness
  12. Where two or more are gathered in his name you are having church
  13. When things are wrong call on the one who can help you
  14. Jesus Christ interceded the law for us so that we can be saved as long as we accept him as our Lord and Savior
  15. If you believe in God, then you shall have rest, not stress
  16. Choose you this day who you are going to serve
  17. You have to give up your religious ways to form a relationship with the Lord
  18. God gives us Grace even when we don’t deserve it
  19. There is none good and none righteous
  20. You cannot win a ticket into heaven
  21. Grace has mercy built into it
  22. God is faithful to forgive all unrighteousness
  23. Everything you need is in the good book