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The Word

September 18, 2011 - Special Sermon by Pastor Abie Kulynych
(Pastor of City of Refuge Fellowship)
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Matthew 16 : 13 – 20
Isaiah 55
Romans 9 : 20 – 21
Isaiah 53
Romans 12 : 2
2 Corinthians 5


* God is faithful
* The enemy constantly lies to us about who God is
* God does not fit into our understand, nor does he perform to our expectations
* We tend to question what God should do, instead of trusting in his faithfulness
* It is hard to follow someone you are constantly correcting
* We allow the world to control our thinking
* Faith is believing what you cannot see and do not understand
* You need to change your mind to match the word of God, and not change the word of God to match your mind
* God will not come down to your level of understanding
* We often stand in judgment of God because he is not performing to our expectations
* God does not go back on his promises
* Anything you have that is good is because of God
* God does not act according to our expectations but according to His will
* Transformation happens through revelations
* We need to allow the transformation to happen in our lives
* We need to understand the reality of who God is
* Jesus is the son of the living God; we are the children of the Most High
* You will never know who you are until you’ve solidified your relationship with God
* Once you acknowledge God, He will declare who you are
* Once you declare who He is, He will tell you who you are
* We find our identity in Christ
* God is our protector and source of comfort
*Stop going to the world for advice, rather go the scriptures for the truth
* When we walk in abundant purpose of God we will receive abundant pleasure
* When you live for pleasure you lose your purpose
* The pursuit of pleasure, and the avoidance of pain, brings about bitterness
* You need to celebrate everything that is good in your life