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The Word
August 30, 2009: When The Righteous Cry Out
(Sermon by Deacon L. Bright)

1 Samuel 21 : 10 - 12
Psalms 34 : 1 - 22


  1. You need to stir up the spirit of God; activate Him in your life
  2. Don't get caught up in the things of the world and forget God
  3. We serve an awesome God
  4. God wants you to stir Him up wherever you are
  5. Lord refresh me and help me to stand
  6. We need to get caught up and focused on Jesus Christ
  7. God will test you on your words
  8. Don't let the spirit of fear turn you away from God
  9. Don't turn to the world to solve your problems, turn to God
  10. Consult with God for direction in all that you do
  11. We all need deliverance
  12. We need to cry up and cry out
  13. Don't let fear take charge of your life
  14. We need to sit still and listen to God for the answers
  15. We put ourselves into our own situations
  16. Go to God and repent for your specific sins; don't be vague with God
  17. In all things give God praise
  18. Magnify the Lord and exalt his name
  19. Seek the Lord for guidance and direction
  20. God will deliver you from all your fears if you turn to Him
  21. When God sets you free, you are free indeed
  22. The enemy will set you up to fall and to fail
  23. God wants us to let go of our fears
  24. You need to put action behind your words
  25. We all go through things, but God is the one that brings you through
  26. God wants you to pray for yourself
  27. Get to know Jesus yourself
  28. When you feel your faith is waning, seek the Lord's words and speaks with Him through prayer
  29. Jesus is the only one that will enlighten our faces and bring us the peace we need
  30. Try God's word and build your own testimony about the goodness of God
  31. All good things come from the Lord
  32. God will work things out in his own time, not yours.
  33. Be patient in the Lord