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The Word

August 14, 2011 - The Scars of Life
(Sermon by Evangelist Deborah Hyde)

Genesis 32 : 22 - 32
Revelations 2 : 17
Proverbs 18 : 4
Isaiah 53 : 5
1 Peter 2 : 24

* A wound is an event that causes us pain
* A scar is a reminder of that event without the pain
* People sometimes use their scars to their advantage (to get what they want)
* We all have scars that have affected us in life
* We have emotional/spiritual and physical scars
* God has the power to change your situation
* God will change you by taking you through something that will ultimately change your outlook
* We need to name our children with names that are positive to yield positive results
* We must be transformed and renewed from our old man to a new man
* Our turning points are those that required us to change
* Turning points can either cause us to move in a positive direction or a negative direction, the choice is ours
* There is nothing you can take to heal an emotional/spiritual wound; your only recourse is Jesus
* You need to be delivered of your emotional/spiritual scars
* Childhood scars stay with people through adulthood if not properly dealt with
* Even Jesus, after his resurrection, bared the scars of his crucifixion
* The cross is our reminder of what Jesus did for us
* God can help you with any situation you may be going through
* “By His stripes we are healed”
* We all have problem/situation we go through in life
* No matter what you are going through it will always work out for the greater good of God