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The Word

August 6, 2011 - Trust God
(Sermon by Deacon Leila Bright)

Psalms 121 : 1 – 8
Matthew 6 : 26
Matthew 10 : 29
Psalms 55 : 22
1 Peter 5 : 7
Psalms 34 : 7
Daniel 6 : 22
Psalms 37 : 23

* There is NOTHING too hard for our God
* We have to let go and let God
* God can do anything He desires to do and within his own time
* We need to stop putting God in a box and let him flow in and through our lives
* We need to stand on God’s word
* God will never leave us nor forsake us
* Receive the word of God with a fresh and new heart
* God can use anyone to get His word out
* There is no secret or hiding with God He sees and knows ALL
* God’s word is able to sustain you and build you up
* The Lord is my provider and protector
* Walk with your head held high because you are a child of the most high
* God will strengthen and keep you
* We should proclaim that our help cometh from the Lord
* We are spiritual beings
* Cast your burdens upon the Lord!
* Trust God to carry your burdens and bring you through
* God is a keeper of his word
* Don’t ever doubt the power of God
* Nothing makes God more proud than when you openly TRUST HIM
* Trusting God can bring you peace and rest
* Don’t give up on God when your situation looks bleak
* We need to go forth boldly representing God