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The Word

July 24, 2011 - It's In The Deep

Luke 5 : 1 – 11
Psalms 42 : 7
Psalms 107 : 23 – 24
Psalms 95 :  4 – 5
Isaiah 63 : 12 – 13
1 Corinthians 2 : 9 – 10
Matthew 13 : 5 , 20 – 21
Luke 6 : 47 – 48
Jonah 2 : 3 – 10
Luke 8 : 29 – 33
Mark 11 : 23 – 24

* We need to press out to hear the word of God
* When God tells you something it is NOT up for discussion
* We tend to want to complain and talk about what we have already done than just do
what we are told
* Don’t give up because you don’t see any result; for it is typically when we give up
when the results we ready to appear
* Don’t be afraid to fail
* When we want to do things our way God will make it so that it will only be you and Him,
and only He can get you out and get you through
* It is only by God’s word that you will get your increase
* If you listen to the word of God and apply it the way He tells you to, only goodness shall follow
* We need to repent over our lack of faith in the word of God
* God blesses people so that they can repent
* Only deep can answer deep
* Nothing that is shallow can respond to the deep
* You cannot live on the surface and receive the deep things
* Being strong means you have the ability to handle failure
* God will call you to the deep so that He can lead you through the deep
* God will always try and being you deeper and deeper into Him
* God wants you to know Him on a deep level, not a shallow one
* You need to hear the word and let it go deep within your spirit (soul)
* The enemy is afraid of the words that come out of you
* If you let the word go deep within you whatever you are going through will not be able to shake you
* The word of God is our life source
* Regardless of what the situation may look like, DON’T GIVE UP!!
* When you are weak, remember God; when you are strong, remember God
* Pray continually; pray without ceasing
* Salvation is of the Lord; He is the God of second chances
* There is nothing too hard for our God; we serve a great God
* There is no limit with God; YOU are your ONLY limitation