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The Word
July 19, 2009

John 1 : 1 - 15
Psalms 27 : 1
Genesis 1
Matthew 5 : 16
Matthew 6 : 25 - 34
Acts 26 : 18
Revelations 19 : 13


  1. There was more to Jesus than you know
  2. He was more than a man and more than God
  3. The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost work as one
  4. Words have no power as thoughts
  5. Christ is the Light; The Word is the Light
  6. Thought : Power : Wisdom
  7. If you want the light you must have the life
  8. You cannot start in the spirit and end in the flesh
  9. Stay under the light so that you will not be devoured
  10. Speak yourself out of your problems
  11. Compel the darkness to leave
  12. Be careful with your words because they become seeds
  13. The power is in the Light
  14. The thought of God and the power of God in the flesh is Christ
  15. The Lords is my light and my salvation
  16. In order to see you must draw light in
  17. The more life you have the brighter your light
  18. If you want to keep the enemy off of you stay in the light
  19. The word is able to keep bad things off of you
  20. You cannot get the blessing on a thought. It must be put into words and then action
  21. We are fighting an enemy that has been here since the beginning of time; But through Christ we have the power to defeat
  • If you want something, fight for it
  • Christ is the second part of the deity

    The book of Matthew spoke of Christ as the King
    The book of Mark spoke of Christ as the Servant
    The book of Luke spoke of Christ as the Man
    The book of John spoke of the Deity of Christ
    All leading to his Divinity