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The Word
July 5, 2009: When Life Takes A Different Turn

Genesis 37 : 2 - 4


  1. Get your things in order before you die
  2. Joseph's problems started at the age of 17
  3. Joseph was a tattle tale
  4. Joseph was hated because he was favored and because of his gift
  5. God is always with you
  6. Don't dwell on what you've lost because it does not compare to what God has in store for you
  7. God shall supply all your needs
  8. Whatever you are going through God has allowed it
  9. Sometimes it only takes on to change the minds of many
  10. Your attitude will determine your altitude
  11. God's grace is sufficient
  12. When you are going through, no one but God can help you
  13. No matter what you are going through, your status with God does not change
  14. If you are going through, God is going through with you
  15. A believer is never without a job. There is always work to do
  16. Without going through there is no maturity
  17. God will restore everything he has taken from you
  18. Always be a leader, never a follower
  19. Be a faithful servant in the Lord
  20. Everything has to have a plan with God
  21. Don't be mediocre in the things that you do, always give your best
  22. Have faith, speak it, and it shall come to pass.