June 21, 2009: Trusting GOD's Will
(Sermon by Deacon Marvin Anderson)

Matthew 4 : 45
Job 13 : 15
Psalms 23 : 4
Proverbs 3 : 5 - 6
Proverbs 22 : 6
Psalms 143 : 10
Matthew 12 : 50
Matthew 6 : 39
2 Timothy 2 : 15
Ephesians 6 : 6


  1. GOD wants your total trust in Him
  2. If you cannot be truthful to yourself, be truthful to GOD
  3. There should be no lie in us
  4. We should be Christ in the flesh
  5. We need to be in God's will
  6. God blesses us in spite of ourselves
  7. What type of blessings do you want?
  8. If we truly trust GOD's word, then you open yourself to GOD's favor
  9. Your walk will let people know where you are in life
  10. Seek ye first the kingdom of GOD
  11. We are all sinners, but obedience and trust in the Lord will give us everlasting life
  12. We need to teach our children to respect and show reverence to GOD
  13. We need to be as sure as David was about who protects us
  14. We need to turn all things over to the Lord so that he can work them out
  15. Be mindful of what you are doing when you claim to represent Christ
  16. You will perish without knowledge or obedience of GOD's word and GOD's will
  17. We need to walk the Christian walk seriously
  18. Don't waste GOD's time by not being committed to the will of GOD
  19. Your life and how people see you are your testimonies
  20. There are too many distractions in life, however, we need to keep our eyes focused on the Lord
  21. When you feel compelled to fix things yourself, that's when you need to let it go so that God can handle it
  22. Don't depend on your own understanding to resolve an issue
  23. We need to acknowledge GOD in all things
  24. Recognizing GOD's validity and authority will bring about your ability to fellowship with Him
  25. Do you know GOD's voice?
  26. Don't just pray when you are in need, you should pray always
  27. GOD is never the problem
  28. Don't acknowledge and pray reluctantly
  29. GOD knows your heart
  30. We need to always ask for forgiveness
  31. GOD desires that we be blessed
  32. This is a race you DON'T want to lose
  33. Don't sit and act like you're saved, be saved
  34. Establish a personal and divine relationship with GOD
  35. Lord not by my will but by thy will
  36. We need to increase our spiritual knowledge
  37. We need to walk the Christian walk whole-heartedly, no half-stepping
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