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The Word
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June 14, 2009: CHILDREN'S DAY!! - He Touched Me and I am Not The Same

Mark 10 : 13 - 15
Matthew 20 : 30 - 31
Matthew 21 : 13 - 15


  1. There's a lot of work to do to build up the kingdom of heaven
  2. Let us be the disciples GOD has called us to be
  3. When you get touched by Christ you are never the same
  4. Don't take the words of children for granted
  5. Be consistent in your actions and your words
  6. Allow your children to see the Christ in you so that they can follow your example.  Be the example!
  7. In order to make your child a good disciple you have to be a good disciple
  8. You have to be humble in order to enter the kingdom of GOD
  9. You need patience and love to effectively deal with children
  10. Teach children to observe all things
  11. Don't let anyone steal your praise and worship
  12. Our praise and worship will cause GOD to move mightily
  13. When you get touched by Christ you will become a follower of Him
  14. Jesus was a man of compassion
  15. First seek the kingdom of GOD and His righteousness
  16. Keep our children rooted in the word
  17. Don't be ashamed of who you are and whose you are