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The Word

May 13, 2012 - God, Is It Me You're Looking For?
(Sermon by First Lady Linda Miller)


Luke 1 : 26 – 55

This sermon spoke about the search we must all do within to determine how right we are living,
and how right we are with God. Would God look at you and choose you to use, as he looked at Mary and chose her?
We cannot sit idly by and not fulfill what God has called us to do. We must not sit idly by and
watch others do the work we can rightfully do ourselves. We cannot sit idly by and pretend
that everything is okay when we know we need to call on the name of Jesus to help guide us through.
God cannot help those who believe they are okay, he can only help those, who admit whole-heartedly,
that they need him and that they need him now. Before you look at and judge what someone
else is or isn’t doing, look within to determine where you are lacking and what you should be
doing to glorify the name of the Lord.


* Mary submitted herself unto the Lord
* There was something special about Mary that cause God to choose her to use
* Mary was ambitious and was honored to be chosen as the one to bring forth the Messiah
* God has called you to fulfill something in this life, don’t lose out by not answering you calling