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The Word

April 26, 2009: Why Are You
Looking Back?
(Sermon by Deacon W. Hyde)

Hebrews 3
Numbers 14
Genesis 19 (17 , 24)
Mark 10 : 28 - 31
Luke 9 : 57 - 62
Philippians 3 : 13 - 14


  1. We are God's people
  2. Don't hear God's promise and refuse to
  • We serve a true and living God
  • Why is it so easy to accept something
    negative than something true and faithful?
  • Don't look back to the world for salvation
  • When you are living in the world you are
    controlled by the devil; he becomes your
  • God has bestowed blessings upon you
  • God will provide for you during your
    time of need
  • God will give you the victory over all
    your enemies
  • The only time you should look back is to
    look at the blessings that were bestowed
    upon you
  • Pray and seek God for guidance in all
  • Give God all the glory, honor and praise
    for all that he has brought your through
  • Don't be disobedient to the word of God
  • We need to continue to go forward and
    be all the God wants us to be
  • God wants us to build up our faith n Him
  • We must have total faith and trust in the
  • God wants you to be obedient so that he
    can continue to bless you
  • Develop a thirst and hunger for the word
    and the house of the Lord
  • We must not look back to the past life,
    but look back at God's blessings and
    promise so that you can have confidence
    to go forth