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The Word

March 27, 2011 - God in a Box
(Sermon by: Evangelist Bob Fisher)


I Samuel 4
John 1 : 14
Matthew 27
Psalms 30

Ichabod – No more glory
The Ark of the Covenant – The manifest presence of God on the Earth
Jesus – The GLORY of GOD on the Earth


* GOD is interested in filling up His kingdom
* We serve a Great GOD
* GOD does not like to be placed in a box
* GOD cannot be manipulated
* Is it enough to have Jesus?
* What do you do when GOD seems absent?
* Never doubt in the darkness what you see in the light
* We serve a GOD who cannot be caged
* We serve a GOD who is King of Kings and Lord of Lords
* We serve a faithful GOD
* GOD is consistently working behind the scenes