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The Word

March 25, 2012 - Confidence in God
(Sermon by Evangelist Leila Bright)


II Chronicles 31 : 21
II Chronicles 32
Romans 8 : 31
Psalms 27 : 14
Psalms 27 : 3


* The Lord does things decently and in order
* He gives us his all
* We serve a true and living God
* Whatever you do to honor God must be done with your whole heart
* Hezekiah helped to restore religion
* You need deliverance from your sins
* Don’t let the devil talk you out of your deliverance
* We need to learn to keep people’s confidences to restore and keep their trust
* We need to take back whatever the enemy has stolen from us
* We need to learn to encourage and strengthen ourselves up
* When we have the Lord on our side there is nothing we cannot accomplish
* Have the confidence to know and say that “God is on my side”!
* Don’t be concerned with what men may say
* We MUST BE about our Father’s business