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The Word
March 21, 2010: Timing Is Everything

Numbers 13 : 26 - 33
Numbers 13 : 1 - 25

Eshcol - cluster of blessings


  1. We can do nothing without God
  2. There is timing associated with your plans
  3. To be effective you must have a plan with a specific timeline
  4. Your plan needs to fall in-line with God’s timing
  5. You can overcome all obstacles that are in your way
  6. When you don’t have a vision you become short-sighted and can only see the obstacles in your way
  7. If you don’t have a vision you cannot have a plan
  8. As Christians we need to have a spirit of faith
  9. Keep your eyes on God and NOT on man
  10. What God blesses he will continue to bless until the end
  11. There is nothing God cannot do if you believe
  12. Be careful of negative reports coming from your mouth, they can be your downfall
  13. The race is not for the swift but for the ones who endure
  14. No matter how big your obstacles you still are who God calls you to be
  15. The bigger the obstacle the greater the blessing