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The Word

March 4, 2012 - Miraculous Provisions


1 Kings 17 : 8 – 16
Matthew 10 : 41 – 42
Genesis 24 : 17
Exodus 2 : 19
Judges 6 : 37
Judges 15 : 18 – 19
Matthew 25 : 35
John 4 : 7
Psalms 69 : 21


* God will always intercede on what you really need, not what you want
* God is not concerned about your true situation, he is concerned with are you obedient

so that he can change your true situation
* You need to get rid of your fear of giving so that you open yourself up for the miraculous provisions

God has in store for you
* God looks to add on to your life while satan looks to subtract from your life
* God is good to those who don’t love him, know him, seek him or understand him
* God needs to be first for the miraculous to start working in your life
* The need of the righteous man is fulfilled
* When you bless someone with their dire need God will ensure that you will never

suffer from that dire need yourself
* We need to start understanding as a people what others are crying out for so that we

can address their specific issues
* God shall supply all your needs, not your wants. However, through obedience you

can start to receive the desires of your heart
* As an obedient servant of God we should EXPECT favor everywhere we go
* God’s ways are not our ways
* When you are faithful miraculous things happen!