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The Word
February 14, 2010: Blind, Bind, and Grind - The Results of What Sin Does

Judges 16 : 4 - 31
Hebrews 11 : 13

Nazarite's were sanctified and set apart people


  1. Don’t play with sin
  2. God is looking for people willing to step outside the box
  3. It’s the determination you have that will cause you to weather the storm
  4. If you panic, you have not learned that God is able
  5. God is in control of all things
  6. Samson was a black man
  7. The devil always wants to know where your great strength lies
  8. The devil will try to rob you of your strength
  9. When you have no strength, you have no joy
  10. Greater is HE that is in you
  11. If you are bound you are useless to the kingdom
  12. You have to be free to experience joy
  13. If you stay in the graces of God nothing can overcome you
  14. Even though we sin we are still in the perfect will of God
  15. The power of the Holy Ghost makes us stronger than every other man
  16. We have something great on the inside that is manifested on the outside
  17. Be careful who you tell your secret stuff to
  18. You cannot expect to be in God’s grace and continue to play with sin
  19. We cannot be servants of the most High God and expect to be normal
  20. You cannot flirt with sin and have power over the enemy
  21. God will never leave you nor forsake you
  22. God has a problem when people rejoice at someone’s demise
  23. God has raised us up to be an enemy to our enemy
  24. You are more than a conqueror
  25. Be careful what you say about a believe
  26. The devil is afraid of you and constantly searching for ways to bring you down
  27. Samson will go down in history as God’s strong man