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The Word

January 30, 2011 - God The Rewarder!
(Sermon by Evangelist Leila Bright)

Ruth 1 : 6
Ruth 1 : 16 – 18
Ruth 1 : 19 – 22
Ruth 2 : 10 – 13
Hebrews 11 : 6


* The Holy Ghost gives us the power we need to walk as children of The Most High God
* Don’t let your circumstances determine your attitude
* We all need to do what God calls us to do in order to reap the rewards
* There are times when God will pull you back out of your sins
* Ruth was a strong woman (reference the Book of Ruth)
* God will always provide for his children
* When God shows up He arrives with blessings
* Bitterness will cause you to lose out on your blessings
* When you do things for the glory of the Lord, He will reward you
* God is a rewarder and a restorer
* Trust in the Lord with your whole heart
* We need to be patient and know that God is always on time
* Don’t let bitterness or hurt interfere with your ability to praise the Lord
* Sin separates you from God
* You need to be present in order to experience the fullness of God