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The Word
January 24, 2010: Disciples In The Storm
(Sermon by Pastor McGuire)

Matthew 14 : 22 - 33

Disciples – a convinced adherent to an individual, school, or training;
one who is committed in spreading the doctrine of another; a follower

In order to be a good disciple you must be:
• Committed
• Convinced
• Receive the training
• A good follower

Jesus’ 12 disciples
(Simon Peter, Andrew, John, James the Greater, James the Younger,
Matthew, Philip, Bartholomew, Thomas, Thaddeus, Simon the Zealot, Judas Iscariot)


  1. Jesus wanted committed, convinced, and trained followers
  2. It doesn’t matter how different you are, when you  get to Jesus there becomes commonality
  3. We have similarities in the body of Christ
  4. When you spend time with the Lord, He changes your viewpoint
  5. He wants to pour into you so that you can teach others
  6. Being a disciple means you become a target for storms
  7. Storms are anything that agitates or causes some disruption
  8. Every disciple of Christ has to go through some kind of storm
  9. God expects out of you the very best that you can give Him at all times
  10. God expects you to praise Him always, especially when you don’t feel like it
  11. Trust in the Lord for all your needs
  12. If God expects a lot out of you then you should be able to expect a lot out of Him
  13. When you go into battle, regardless of what it looks like, God is there with you
  14. Know that you can depend on Him to either get you out of your situation or give you the strength you need to deal with it
  15. The purpose of storms is to test your faith, you lifestyle, and your walk
  16. Believe that God is able to provide all your needs
  17. Don’t focus you attention on the storm; focus your attention on The One that can bring you through
  18. Fear and Faith cannot occupy the same space
  19. If you are a child of God, He will find you in your storm
  20. You must be willing to step on what is trying to step on you
  21. You are not standing by yourself; the Lord will bring you through
  22. Strengthen your faith
  23. The storm may knock you down, but it won’t knock you out