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The Word

January 23, 2011 - Worry Is A Sin!

Matthew 6 : 25 – 34
Psalms 5 : 11
(GOD will defend you)
Psalms 25 : 2 (Your enemies won’t triumph over you)
Psalms 28 : 7 (GOD will help you)
Psalms 55: 22 (GOD shall sustain you; never beg)
Psalms 56 : 4 (GOD will remove fear)
Psalms 62: 8 (GOD will be your refuge)
Psalms 143 : 8 (GOD will show which way to go)
Psalms 37 : 1 – 7
Nahum 1 : 7
Philippians 4 : 6 – 9

Anxious:  Troubled in the mind respecting some uncertain matter
Anxiety:  Disturbance of the mind respecting some uncertain matter
Sustain:  To keep from sinking or falling
Refuge:  Shelter or protection from danger or distress

* “Seek ye first the kingdom of God”
* GOD wants our priorities to be in perfect order
* Trust in the Lord that He will provide ALL your needs
* You need to remember whose you are
* It’s futile to worry about things because worrying will not change them
* You start losing faith when you worry
* We should worry about things we can control
* There is no need that you have that GOD does not know about
* GOD’S favor knows no bounds
* We need to seek the lifestyle of GOD
* You can only understand the bible once you’ve stepped into the supernatural realm of being saved
* We should be a walking blessing and testimony for others
* There will always be problems, but we should learn to rise above them
* You cannot have faith and be fearful at the same time
* Things that are detrimental to you GOD wants off your mind and placed with Him
* GOD is our refuge
* Lean not unto your own understanding
* You cannot fool GOD, for He knows all things
* Have complete confidence that GOD will do all the things he says he will do