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The Word

January 8, 2012 - Greater Works


Acts 5 : 12 – 16
John 14 : 12 – 14
Mark 16 : 20
Hebrews 2 : 4
1 Corinthians 2 : 4 – 5
Isaiah 44 : 26
Acts 2 : 44
Acts 6 : 8
Acts 14 : 3
Mark 11 : 22 – 23

MIRACLES – a supernatural work of GOD that defies human/natural law


* In order for signs, wonders, and miracles to happen everyone in the space must be on one accord
* Keep people in your circle who believe in the things you believe in, and are like-minded
* In order to come into rest you need to fully understand what GOD expects of you
* Miracles bring people to Christ making them want to be a part of the miracles

so that the miracle can also belong to them
* Ask for what you want and GOD will do it so that he can get the glory
* Your title is not what distinguishes you from another, it is how GOD uses you,
and what you accomplish of the things GOD has called you to do
* Jesus Christ was a gift to us, and when you accept the gift you will be blessed with everything you need
* GOD will only bear witness to what is truth; He will only show up when truth is present;

He confirms truth
* Miracles confirm your ministry; miracles confirm your calling;

miracles confirm you anointing; it also confirms the word
* Miracles confirms the presence of GOD and that GOD is with you
* Every calling must be confirmed by someone who truly understand the meaning of the calling
* Stir up miracles with your faith and a plan to present to God
* GOD cannot operate when there is chaos; things need to be done decently and in order
* You need to be and speak boldly in the Lord and all that he can do
* Complete rest is achieved when you are able to rest of your mind, body, and soul